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We support
children who have experienced
the loss of a loved one
We provide
pediatric palliative homecare
to children with life threatening illnesses
For over 23 years
we have provided services
to children, adolescents and families
who are facing life threatening illnesses and loss
We provide trainings
for health and education professionals
who work with children, for the issues of
serious illness and death

Every Year

Merimna supports children and adolescents

MERIMNA families

Psychological support to 739 parents and children


Pediatric Palliative Care to 95 families

MERIMNA schools-icon

Counseling support to 130 school communities

MERIMNA helpline-icon

Telephone Counseling Support to 270 parents, teachers, mental health workers


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We Support

Children, Families and Educators
Athens - Thessaloniki

Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers

We support bereaved children and their families.

We Support the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of children and adolescents

Pediatric Palliative Home Care

Ensuring conditions that promote the quality of life of the seriously ill child

Bereavement Support

Psychosocial Support after a Catastrophe

Psychosocial Support after a Catastrophe

Years of Service


Provided services to over 50.000 children, & families


Organized 6 national conferences, 350 workshops and seminars and over > 1.000 lectures


Trained 4.000 educators and 400 health professionals


Implemented psychosocial interventions in schools and associated communities after catastrophic or traumatic events

Our Needs

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“With your support, WE CAN!!! We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and energetic group of volunteers here at Merimna. We are always looking for new volunteers from various walks of life to contribute their time, energy and experience to support Merimna to reach our goals. Volunteers can help with many activities such as: […]

Dr. Danai Papadatou, President of Merimna, was invited to be guest speaker at the 3rd National Portuguese Conference on Pediatric Palliative Care, held in Lisbon, 17-19 May 2018 (photo). Dr. Papadatou opened the proceedings with the speech “How can you continue to do this job? Prerequisites for providing quality care and work satisfaction in pediatric […]

Have you ever considered what to say to a child who suddenly loses a loved one or who is facing a life-threatening illness? Have you thought about how to support children in the face of such difficult times Merimna, in cooperation with the Friends of Merimna, began a support campaign with Ambassador Lena Papaligoura. The […]

``From Loss and Adversity to Resilience`` EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM
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