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  • 2a Papanikoli, Sidera Halandri, Athens | 13 Fragon, Thessaloniki
  • Athens:+30210-6463367 | Thessaloniki:+302310-510010


Who We Are

Merimna’s mission statement includes:

(α) To provide quality care services, without charge, that will meet the needs of children and families who either live with a life threatening illness or are grieving the loss of a loved one.

(β) To cultivate a supportive community through the sensitization of the general public as well as to offer specialized education and training to professionals in existing services that work with children and their families.


Merimna’s goals are:

(α) Provision of services to children who are grieving the loss of a loved one or children who are threatened by a serious illness as well as corresponding support to affected family members.

(β) Specialized training of mental healthcare providers and educators for the support of children who are experiencing a serious illness, loss or the death of a loved one, as well as education in Pediatric Palliative Care for healthcare professionals working with seriously ill children.

(γ) Sensitization of the Greek society to topics concerning life, serious illness and death.

(δ) Research on topics regarding the effects that serious illness and death have on the lives of children and their families.


Considering the socio-economic and cultural changes that are occurring in Greece and the rest of the world, it is our aim to adapt our services to the vacillating needs that children and their families are facing.