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In the difficult and challenging period due to the pandemic COVID-19, Merimna is looking for volunteers who can collaborate in the implementation of its objectives and who will actively contribute to the rich social work it offers.

What does it take to become a volunteer of Merimna?

Volunteering at Merimna is open to everyone. There are no strict requirements. Regardless of your skills, knowledge, education, professional status or previous volunteer experience, you can join our Volunteer Team.

Even an hour a week if you can give, you make a difference to our goals!

What we definitely want you to have is:

  • A willingness to give.
  • Understanding and acceptance of the principles of how Merimna operates.
  • Willingness and time to become aware of the philosophy of Pediatric Palliative Care and the specifics of how bereavement affects children and families through the volunteer training program.

Those interested in joining our Volunteer Team please follow the steps below:

  • Complete the application form and send it to: volunteers@merimna.org.gr.
  • All applicants will have a personal interview with the Volunteer Team Coordinators.
  • Attend all the meetings of the volunteer training program and participate in at least 3 volunteer activities in order to receive a certificate of a qualified “Volunteer of Merimna”.
  • On completion of the course, you will meet again with the Volunteer Team Coordinators to jointly explore the area of action you wish to be involved in.

The new training program will start in February 2022.

The deadline for applications is 21 January 2022.

For more information click here.

By giving your time to Merimna through volunteering, you support our work and contribute to providing care for children and families experiencing serious illness or the loss of a loved one.