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What We Do

Collaborating with primary and secondary schools in Greece is one of Merimna’s primary objectives and is realized in the following four major areas:

1. Sensitization and training of teachers and mental health workers who cooperate with schools.

Sensitization is focused on issues concerning (a) education about life, death and grieving, (b) support of students who have experienced a loss and (c) the organization of a crisis management plan for the school community. (Professional Training Programs, Educational Materials)

2. Bereavement counseling support for educators who are supporting students who have experienced a serious illness or the death of a loved one.

The bereavement counseling support is provided free of charge through the Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers in Athens and in Thessaloniki or through the Telephone Support Line if they are unable to access the Counseling Centers. (Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers)

3. Bereavement counseling and support for schools that are facing the serious illness or the death of a member of the school community (i.e.: student, teacher, principal, etc.).

The intervention encompasses the support of the teachers so they will be able to effectively support their students, as well raising the awareness of the parents. Bereavement counseling with teachers of a class or a school is provided by appointment or through the Telephone Support Line if the school is not in Attica or in Thessaloniki. (Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers)

4. Psychosocial intervention in the school community after a traumatic or catastrophic event.

An intervention following a traumatic or catastrophic event that has affected an entire community is usually implemented after consultation with the Ministry of Education and aims at crisis management as well as organizing the long term support of students, educators and parents.

Since Merimna was established in 1995 the Childhood Bereavement Counseling Center has intervened, at the request of the Ministry of Education and Health, in the following communities after a disaster or traumatic event:

19 schools at Ilion after the earthquake in Attica, 1999
9 schools in the Farkadonas Trikalon district after the bus accident at the Horseshoe Curve at Maliakos (2004-2007)
120 schools in the prefecture of Ilias after the catastrophic forest fires in the Peloponnese (2007-2009)