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  • 2a Papanikoli, Sidera Halandri, Athens | 13 Fragon, Thessaloniki
  • Athens:+30210-6463367 | Thessaloniki:+302310-510010


Friends of Merimna

1) To support financially and practically the work of Merimna.
2) To increase the awareness and to promote the work of Merimna including:
• The provision of services to children and adolescents who are seriously ill, who experience the illness of death of a significant person, or who are affected by a catastrophic event. Support services are also offered to family members, educators and individuals who are involved in the child’s daily life.
• The specialized training of health care providers and educators to identify children’s, families’ and communities’ needs and concerns and to provide appropriate support in loss or death situations.
• Sensitization of Greek society on issues related to serious illness, dying and bereavement, and raising awareness of the impact of such experiences on the child’s and adolescent’s adjustment and development.
Research on childhood bereavement and end-of-life care issues.

3) To contribute to the acquisition of medical equipment that may be needed for the implementation of the services provided by Merimna.
4) To promote the work of Merimna in the Greek society. The Friends of Merimna address their events to all interested parties, informing them of Merimna’s work and inviting them to support it.