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Palliative Homecare

The services provided by the Palliative Homecare service are:

• Medical and nursing care to provide relief to the young patient from the symptoms of the illness.
• Psychological and social support of the sick child as well as the other members of the family.

Benefits: Taking care of the child with a life-threatening illness in the child’s home has many advantages, such as:
• Better quality of life for the child or adolescent in the familiar environment of the home and close to his / her loved ones.
• Participation of parents in the care of their child, with appropriate guidance and support by the group of health professionals.
• Support of the extended family members (siblings, grandparents, classmates)
• The creation of a daily routine that provides dignity and the possibility of special moments throughout the course of the child’s illness, including the final stage, which greatly assists the family later in their bereavement.

Daily Cost: 40€ / child

Annual Cost: 14,600€ / child

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Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers Donations:
GR 65 0172 0530 0050 5305 2711 856

You are kindly requested to supply your full name at the deposit. Upon deposit completion please contact the Merimna offices (Athens: +30210 6463367 Mrs Christina Potiri or email administration@merimna.org.gr & Thessaloniki: +302310 510010 Mrs. Ioanna Hatzioannou thessaloniki.support@merimna.org.gr ) to give your details (Donor name and postal address) so as to send you a receipt and thank you for your donation.

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